Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Unity Group History

Australia can be proud to lay claim to be the first country in the world to employ 'real time' audio for online AA meetings and can be verified on that fact by an American member (Nancy) who assisted 'yours truly' in the opening of the very first inaugural online audio meeting sometime back in the latter half of the 1990's. We still have contact with that gracious lady whom some have met f2f since those real early days of audio meetings and very grateful for all she has done in playing such a special part in the structure of AA online audio meetings for recovering alcoholics all over the globe! 
That first meeting was set up on M-player and became the first fully operational AA audio meeting in the world a couple of months or so before the Sobervoices group came into being. A little while later to expand our resources we combined with SV's' and became the one group overall. 
I feel that is something the Australian AA Fellowship can be happy to acclaim to in our part of our undying quest to carry the wonderful message of hope directly to the hearts of many suffering alcoholics located in various corners of our ever growing world of the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.